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Reports for management

We believe that by delivering calculations and reports, we can help you to make decisions. Often there is no time or skills in companies to make financial calculations and analysis by self. However financial statements and reports for management are necessary part of decision making. Reports helps you make decisions based on numbers, predict when it is possible to invest and also you will be better aware of financial situation in common. When you don’t have to make calculations and reports by self, you can concentrate on management, marketing and productive work.



Ask for another financial calculations for your company if needed.

Cash flow analysis

When someone else than person from company leader board or management is responsible for payment transactions, becomes cash-flow analysis important tool and information source. Using cash-flow analysis it is possible to ensure that there is enough resources in bank accounts, when there is need to pay invoices. We inform you about when there is a need to increase funds on accounts. After cash-flow analysis id done, it is possible to see why there is not enough funds on some accounts and what should be done to prevent that. If the cash flow is negative most of the time, one possible solution could be to make length of terms of payment shorter.



Monthly reports and statements

We calculate and deliver needed financial reports for you. Our accounting customers get by default commented interim financial statements monthly. Read more from accounting services description or ask for another financial calculations if needed.


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